We have started integrating closed-operation fly-away edge appliances with Kleared4, our disassociated cyber-operations, and proofing environment. #PCOE #PCTE #CyberRange

Unlike other fly-away kits, this one is designed to operate completely closed!

This model uses a Pelican 1200 case with a small Linux based PC. We recently used the device during a remote assessment on the other side of the US. It has cellular capability and can provide a full GUI over degraded cellular network. During this assessment, the away team determined we had poor reception on site, but we still finished a completely remote pentest and Wi-Fi/Bluetooth assessment with less than 256/k upload to the device.

The kit uses disk encryption for customer data and can incorporate a duplex SDR peripheral to perform RF assessments as well.

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Kleared4 closed-operation fly-away edge kit