CompSec Direct is a Qualified Maryland Cybersecurity Company (QMCC, was QMCS) by the Department of Commerce of Maryland. This allows us to provide cybersecurity services to qualifying companies under the Buy Maryland Cybersecurity (BMC) program. The program allows companies with 50 employees or less to purchase services and products from approved vendors like CompSec Direct and receive state tax return credits on qualified sales. Restrictions apply for eligibility and credit amount.

The following services are eligible for a tax-credit through the BMC program:

Service/Technology Description
Ransomware protection services Most requested service, protect your data from Ransomware
Forensic Investigations and Incident Response (FIRM Edge) Investigations during or after cyber incidents
Proactive-response services System Hardening and risk management
Kleared4 Cyber Range Secure access to workstations, servers, containers on Cloud or on-premise
Black SPIN Hybrid pen-testing services
Vulnerability assessments and remediation services (VARS) Detect and remediate current threats, reduce risk
Hunt-as-a-Service (HaaS) Remote hunt teams search for threats in your network
Insider Advantage Learn what your employees have access to
PsyCo Edge Spear-phishing your staff, training validation

Request for BMC Services Form

Please send us a message and we will contact you to schedule a no-cost consult regarding eligible services.

    Information about the BMC program is located at the Maryland Department of Commerce.

    FAQ for potential buyers is located at this link.

    A list of qualified vendors for the BMC program is located at this link.

    Qualification in the BMC program is not an endorsement by the Maryland Department of Commerce.

    A qualified purchase must be approved by the Maryland Department of Commerce to receive tax credits.

    The eligible tax credit amount for services and technologies varies by year and qualified purchases.