“Typing Kills”, so even if you do not agree with this; it’s true. Operator error grows the more you type. It’s akin to “measure twice, cut once”. In Capture the Flags (CTF’s), we often redo the same methodology and the only thing we change are network variables and usernames, the syntax remains constant.

Over the years, you may have probably done at least one CTF. In the case of our President, @jfersec, he has done over 25 CTF’s in the last 6 years. These pasteables were used during OSCP, so somethings may come in handy.

During a CTF, you have a condensed time frame to accomplish flag captures. Often times, we spend more time researching how to execute a command, or leverage a known technique because we might not have a good reference guide to copy/paste commands from; this is not that guide…

We have shared CTF-Pasteables in order to help those that lack a similar file. It’s small, easy to edit, and hard to read; you’re welcome : )

“If you want to contribute, please do. Thanks again and take care.